Arrange your job interview in the following regions:

Johannesburg - Durban - Cape-Town - Bloemfontein - Vanderbijlpark - Vryheid - Orkney - Naboomspruit - Pietersburg - Nelspruit - Kimberly - Port Elisabeth

Terms and Conditions

  1. The American employer, through Away2Xplore, will cover the full expense of your entire return airfare; other travelling costs; your H2-b work permit and recruitment and orientation expenses. In return, we expect you to complete your work contract uninterrupted and in full. If you do not complete the full term for whatever reason, you will be liable for wasted travel expenses payable in full immediately upon premature termination of your seasonal work contract. A season is between five and 10 months depending on which employer we place you with.
  2. The pre-departure orientation session is compulsory to prepare you for your flight and overseas job environment. Your parents/guarantors are also requested to attend in order for them to also get a realistic idea of what you can expect.
  3. After taking up employment, all recruits have access to our grievance procedure as stipulated in our Orientation Manual /Survivor’s Guide. In case of a dispute with your American employer which you cannot resolve, our team is available to mediate between you and the employer to try to help and resolve the dispute in a fair and neutral manner.
  4. Away2Xplore reserves the right to ask you to re-submit yourself for an additional drug test or tests - at any time.
  5. Only one of your parents or another responsible adult may sign as a guarantor/or surety for you
  6. As per US legislation you are allowed to work only for the Company specified in your work visa and contract with Away2Xplore.
  7. In line with your visa conditions and contract with Away2Xplore, you are obliged to return to South Africa immediately your work period has ended.
  8. Under no circumstances are you allowed to abscond from work at the Amusement Park without permission.
  9. If you cancel your application with us, any visa appointment fees you paid to the American Consulate will not be refunded.
  10. Only valid South African passport holders and guarantors will be considered for this program.
  11. Due to the heavy physical labour and long working hours, we require you to be fit and in excellent health.
  12. All applicants must submit themselves to a compulsory multi-level drug test at a suitable facility such as an independent lab or on site at Away2Xplore’s offices or your local Away2Xplore interviewer.

The Big No No’s

  1. Guys: Hair should not be longer than your collar. Short hair is preferred.
  2. No funny and wild hair colours and/or styles.
  3. No facial hair is permitted when representing Away2Xplore in SA and the USA.
  4. Guys: No piercings Girls: Maximum of two piercings per ear.
  5. All tattoos must be hidden when representing Away2Xplore in South Africa and America.
  6. Away2Xplore and our American employers have Zero Tolerance for any kind of drug or intoxicating substance use: while doing your job; on the lot or at the work place. You go home or to jail. End of story.
  7. You go home or to jail. End of story.

For 2020 Away2xplore has again secured hundreds of temporary positions in America and Canada for suitable candidates Working at the Carnivals in America and allow you a chance to SAVE up dollars because many expenses are sponsored by the employer such as accommodation you would normally have to rent with a regular job In addition your travel to and from South Africa is also paid for by your sponsoring employer saving you further money.  These are a few reasons why saving up in your piggy bank can be as high as R75.000 a season in some cases Although you earn minimum wage in America effectively when you include all your free bees and fringe benefits you could effectively earn up to 50% more then what you see on your pay slip. Some American employers arrange raffles where you can win I-pad’s I-phone’s Nintendo Wii’s or X-Box game computers

While working in America many of our recruits also get a chance to listen to Afrikaans musiek while there For some reason while over in Amerika many recruits start missing the local is lekker musiek van by die huis soos EF EL formule Jack Parow Cooler as eke Ray Dillen Jessica Oppiekoppie Good luck Hop on hop of Locnville Sun in my pocket Panic Dinosaur De La Rey Kurt Darren Nicolas Louw Freshly Ground Gold Fish FokofPolisiekar Unlisted Sugardrive The dirty skirts Knave Zebra and Girrafe and many more. When you compare Carnival work with Agricultural jobs like Harvesting in America you will often note this is a lot more fun with a far better social life If you have some hands on work experience and are not scared to make them dirty you will want to consider contacting us without delay for a job interview Who knows you may get accepted and be on your way to America before you know it In this country one needs to ensure recruiters have a proven support infrastructure like Away2Xplore has work hard play hard is our motto at Away2xplore and the combination is what makes it such an awesome experience most recruits inform us after a season of hard work abroad If you are lucky to end up with an employer who has regular raffles where you can win an I-pad I-Phones Nintendo Wii or Xbox’s you are double lucky

You might have heard about Away2Xplore on a Radio Station such as Radio Highveld Jacaranda RSG Radio Sonder Grense of 5FM Ons was ook op Televisie met Kyknet Ontbytsake on TV Huisgenoot magazine or from one of our many young recruits who have Already traveled through us to America in the past ten years As jy op ‘n techniese school geleer het Het jy ook ‘n goeie kans ons anvaar jou vir ‘n werk deur Awa2xplore in Amerika As jy ‘n hotelshool met ‘n chef oplyding het kan ons jou ook gebruik en werk aanbied vir ons Food stalls in Amerika op die Carnivals pretparke Splashy Fen Music Festival is South Africa's premier outdoor music festival in the southern Drakensberg and get ready for Up the Creek music festival !! You may even find us at some of the local events soon with MNet’s Kyknet MK stasie Overseas work or overseas jobs are the best way to learn become independent in a flash Some even say its agood replacement for the army since it will teach you some discipline and how to work lekka in a team.  Over the past ten years we have had many compliments and referrals from happy recruits who came back with a ton a fun memories and money.

As jy groot geword het op die plaas zoek ons jou om met ons na Amerika te gaan om te werk Bel ons somar nou om ‘s afspraak te maak by ons Away2Xplore hoofkantoor in Midrand, maar ook Away2Xplore Durban, Away2Xplore Cape Town, Away2Xplore Bloemfontein, Away2Xplore Nelspruit, Away2Xplore Kimberley, Away2Xplore Pietersburg, Away2Xplore Nylstroom, Away2Xplore Vryheid, Away2Xplore LadySmith, Away2Xplore Klerksdorp, of Orkney Away2Xplore Vereeniging, Away2Xplore VanderBijlpark, Away2Xplore Boksburg, Away2xplore Pretoria, Away2xplore Pietersburg, Away2xplore Warmbad, Away2xplore Nijlstroom, Away2xplore Kimberly. As you you will note Away2Xplore is located around the country for your convenience and Job interviews so you can even refer your friends from the other side of the country to come with you to work in America next year 2020